We offer a variety of opportunities to ride.


Therapeutic riding

Classes include up to one hour of instruction in which participants are positioned on the horse to relax tight muscles, increase range of motion, and improve stability.  Participants gain tremendous physical and emotional benefits from the rhythmic motion of the horse as well as learning riding skills. Balance, coordination, and muscle tone improve through exercises done on horseback. Psychological benefits include increased independence, motivation and self-control. 

Each lesson is facilitated by a certified PATH instructor. Whenever possible, HOH encourages input from the client's licensed therapist to maximize the benefit of individual lesson plans.

The following form is only for those participants who have completed Heroes on Horseback paperwork within the past year.  

Need to apply for tuition assistance? We're here to assist you. Click HERE to download our Tuition Assistance form.


SILVER saddles

Are you a Senior with hopes of increasing your flexibility, muscle tone, and stamina? HOH is pleased to announce its Silver Saddles program for senior citizens. No previous horseback riding experience is necessary. 

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The Veterans program focuses on members of the Armed Services: active, honorably discharged or retired personnel who would benefit physically and/or emotionally from low impact and joint sensitive equine activities.

The 6-week sessions provide challenging and life changing experiences tailored to individual rider capabilities. Veterans must be goal oriented and committed to the entire 6-week program of ground and/or mounted activities.


Special olympics

The Special Olympics riding program is sponsored by South Carolina Special Olympics specifically for regional area school students. Scheduled during the school day, students participate in a modified format of the Therapeutic Riding Program geared toward possible competition at regional, state-wide, national, and international events. 

 * If you want to participate in this program, download the registration forms above, under Therapeutic Riding


And if you're not ready to ride:



This program recognizes the physical, occupational and emotional benefits of working with and around horses. This ground work only program is designed for participants who cannot or do not wish to ride. The program offers activities that help participants develop physically, cognitively, socially and psychologically. Participants also gain skills that they may use in the field of horse management. This may be offered in a weekly lesson format or as a clinic. 

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