Horses Helping Heroes

Capt. Mike Holmes, USMC, Ret.    Read Mike's story   →

Capt. Mike Holmes, USMC, Ret.

Read Mike's story


Horses have been transformational to the military worldwide for thousands
of years. People and horses formed a bond to achieve success. Today at Heroes on Horseback, we honor the sacrifices of military veterans and strive to make a life changing impact by offering empowerment and healing through the power of the horse.

The Veterans program focuses on members of the Armed Services: active, honorably discharged or retired members who would benefit physically, and/or emotionally, from low impact and joint sensitive equine assisted activities.

The 6-week sessions provide challenging and life changing experiences tailored to individual rider capabilities. Veterans must be goal oriented and committed to the entire 6-week program of ground and/or mounted activities.

Heroes on Horseback enriches our community and the lives of individuals with special needs by providing equine assisted activities in an effective and compassionate environment.


equine activity benefits

Horses provide a freedom of movement and excitement that no clinical setting can duplicate. The therapeutic qualities of equine activities are recognized by many medical professionals, including the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

•  Builds confidence
•  Improves concentration and focus
•  Develops self-awareness
•  Instills self-discipline
•  Improves posture and balance
•  Increases strength
•  Makes you smile


Therapeutic horsemanship has many benefits, improving mental and physical well being in a number of ways. It can help people from all kinds of backgrounds, including those that are usually hard to engage.
— Lisa Esposito, Us Health News.


natural horsemanship 

“Natural Horsemanship” is based on the interaction and communication
process between the horse and handler. We focus on learning and understanding how a horse thinks, communicates, learns and responds to improve our capability to interact with the horse. This is strictly an unmounted activity.


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