Our Faithful Steeds


Gelding | quarter horse cross | 14.3hh

Riley is one of our old faithfuls. He's been part of the program for  the past 3 years. Riley comes from a background in Western riding, but he seamlessly transitioned to the English style of riding we use with most of our students.  Riley is a very willing and attentive partner and loves to please everyone. 


mare | oldenburg | 16.3hh

Luna is our tallest horse, and the sweetest lady there is. Luna recently joined our program, coming from a different therapeutic riding program where she learned all of the skills of the trade. Luna is a very versatile horse who can be used for a beginning rider or for our more experienced riders, as she patiently helps them gain the courage needed to be an independent rider.



gelding | HAFLINGER | 13.3hh

Sheldon is our mischievous youngster of the herd at only 10 years old.  He likes to show off for the mares and is highly protective of them.  Sheldon quickly learned the basic skills necessary to become a valued member of our therapeutic riding group and continues to train to refine his technique. His personality makes him a favorite among the students. 


Gelding | quarter horse | 15.2hh

Doc is our elder gentleman.  He comes to us from being used for riding lessons which makes him a perfect fit for our program.  Doc’s temperament allows us to feature him during our ground lessons.  The students enjoy learning how to lead him all around the farm.


Gelding | morgan/tennessee walker | 15hh

Sam is our in-house Special Olympics show competition star. He is a sweet, quiet soul who is always eager to help out with our classes. Sam is highly responsive to the needs of his riders and is a very dependable trail horse which makes him a popular choice for all types of riding.  


Mare | haflinger | 13.2hh

Lacey is our veteran of the group.  She has been with Heroes the longest of any of our horses. Lacey is the perfect choice for our younger riders or those who need a little extra physical support while on horseback.  She is so gentle and patient with the children and always enjoys a good grooming session.  Lacey has even fallen asleep with her muzzle resting in the lap of one of our students who uses a wheelchair while the student was brushing Lacey’s face.


Jessie Ray
Gelding | quarter horse | 15hh

Jessie Ray is the trusty sidekick of our resident trainer Bob Raines.  Together they make an excellent team for demonstrating horsemanship skills.  Jessie Ray was trained as a Western trail horse, but he will endure the use of an English saddle for our advanced riders.  He has even been known to enjoy carrying one of our riders over a few low jumps. Perhaps he really is an English Jumper at heart, but don’t tell Bob!



Mare | american paint horse | 14.3hh

As the newcomer of the gang, Reign is still becoming comfortable with the demands of being a therapeutic horse.  She is working hard with our trainers and excelling at horsemanship training, both on the ground and under saddle. We believe it won’t be long before she has learned all the skills necessary to become an integral part of our riding program.