Mike's Story

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“They suggested we put him in a nursing home”

Meredith Holmes vividly recalls her husband Mike’s prognosis in 2008. Mike, an F-18 pilot from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a snowboarding accident following a deployment when he was 27 years old. Life looked bleak for the couple who had been married for just two years. “But I knew Mike would never be happy confined to a bed,” says Meredith. After many surgeries and traditional physical therapy, they were united with Heroes on Horseback (HOH) which changed their lives.

After years of disappointment and hearing "No you can’t," Mike says HOH was a refreshing challenge that focused on not just what he could accomplish today but what the future had to offer. He and Meredith agree that HOH has been transformational in their lives. Meredith says, “Heroes treats everyone with equal respect; they don’t assume you can’t; they assume you can.”

Read more about Mike Holmes in this  WJCL article   →

Read more about Mike Holmes in this WJCL article →